23.Juni 2019       Swim&Run Mitteldistanz und Sprint in Berlin

Berlin-Brandenburgische Meisterschaft Triathlon Langdistanz                                  



The disclaimer has to be acknowledged by every participant or legal guardian. The regulations of the DTU (German Triathlon Body) and the German traffic regulations (StVO) are binding.
  Should I participate in BERLIN TRIATHLON XL I acknowledge the disclaimer of the race organizer for damages of any kind. I will not seek legal actions against the event organizer, sponsors or neighboring communities or their representatives for damages or injuries of any kind resulting by my participation. I carry liability insurance. I declare that I have sufficiently trained for the race, that I am healthy and my bill of health was confirmed by a medical doctor.  I guarantee that I will not use these items
  I agree that information about probiotika apotheke medikament given by me during registration, photos and footage and interviews for radio and TV taken in conjunction with my participation, promotion, books, photomechanical copies (films, VCR etc.) can be used without royalties canard voiture siehe joom. I agree that my information can be used for promotional purposes.
  I confirm that the information given by me during registration for BERLIN TRIATHLON XL is correct and that I will not transfer my race bib to another person. I acknowledge I will be disqualified if I alter the official race bib in any way especially for covering the sponsor print or making it unrecognizable.
  I acknowledge the right of the organizer to exclude me from the race in case a violation of above mentioned obligations has been proven.
  The organizer remains the right to change the race schedule.
  The registration fee will not be refunded in case BERLIN TRIATHLON XL cannot take place or change due to acts of nature beyond control (flood, severe weather, accident, roadworks etc.) or offical order or for safety reasons. If a participant decides not to start after having registered the registration fee will also not be refunded.